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......................The Building of Sacsayhuaman by Vincent R. Lee


Vincent Lee developed his method while working on similar problems on Easter Island. He devised a method that employs a track of ladder-like sections for the roadbed, a sled to place the stone on, and levers to move it forward. 

Dressing and setting the stones in the precise way that made Inca construction so famous is also not known from written history. None of the stonemasons' methods survived to present day. Many theories have been proposed. 
The most well accepted theory about how the Inca dressed the stones is that they used hammer stones to shape the blocks. Larger hammer stones were used to rough the blocks and smaller stones were used to finish and smooth the blocks. Trial experiments has proven that this is a viable method for reproducing the work of the Inca stonemasons. 








Setting the blocks presents an obvious problem. The stones are massive with many weighing several tons. Moving and fitting must be an efficient and simple process to be worthwhile. Many theories exist about how it was accomplished. Again Vincent Lee has proposed a reasonable solution that does not rely on space alien interventions.
Vincent Lee has proposed a process that is not far from the method used by log workers to build log cabins. Essentially a stone must be maneuvered into place above its intended placement. Then the stone may be scribed with the exact form of the placement below and lowered into place. Mr. Lee has developed  a method for holding the stones in place above their eventual location. His ideas seem to work well with the small protuberances and concavities seen at the base of so many stones. His suggested scribe tool has never been seen though and any minor refitting would be difficult to perform.




INKA ARCHITECTURE, Less is More--Much More!



......................ANCIENT MOONSHOTS: Megalithic Mysteries from before Technology  by Vincent R. Lee



Vincent R. Lee, architect, archaeologist and explorer, detailing his extensive studies related to Inca architecture and culture in South Ammerica


Exploring the mysteries surrounding the ancient art of building with massive stones

Megalithic mysteries around the world have long fascinated architect, author and editor, Vincent R. Lee. Building with gigantic blocks of stone was one of ancient mankind's earliest passions, so early in fact that their methods are now largely lost to us. Armed with an MFA in architecture from Princeton and decades of work around construction sites, Vince has traveled the world in search of answers to the question, "how'd they do it?"

From the huge, perfectly fitted boulders of Sacsawaman, the Inca "fortress" above Cuzco, Peru and the enigmatic "moai" statues of Easter Island to the enormous "Unfinished Obelisk" in the ancient quarries of Egypt, and the astounding "maxiliths" (the largest cut stones ever shaped) beneath the Roman ruins of Lebanon's Temple of Jupiter-Baal, Vince has found ample evidence of our ancestors' simple but ingenious answers to that question. His findings have been featured in various Discovery and History Channel television specials, as well as two segments of the NOVA series, "The Secrets of Lost Empires." Offered here are published versions of this work along with "How'd They Do It?", an educational game teachers and parents can use to develop young people's interest in science through miniaturized megalithic projects.



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Stella Nair - 2015 - ‎Social Science


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Laura Laurencich Minelli - 2000 - ‎Social Science






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  • Biólogo desde hace más de treinta años, desde la época en que aún los biólogos no eran empleados de los abogados ambientalistas. Actualmente preocupado …alarmado en realidad, por el LESIVO TRATADO DE(DES)INTEGRACIÓN ENERGÉTICA CON BRASIL