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21 julio 2014 1 21 /07 /julio /2014 20:59

151142 600 Putin the separatist cartoons




151138 600 MH17 looking for clues cartoons


151174 600 Picassos Outrage cartoons


Palestinian Toll Tops 500 After Deadliest Day of Israeli Siege ///  Kerry Caught on Mic: "It’s a Hell of a Pinpoint Operation"
///  NBC Sends Correspondent Ayman Moyheldin Back to Gaza After Outcry.


151173 600 Glasses cartoons


151176 600 Israeli Offensive Begins cartoons











lunes 21 de julio de 2014 




151159 600 MH17 and Putin cartoons





151169 600 Putin and flight MH17 cartoons

Putin and flight MH17

La tragedia del MH17 de Malaysia Airlines en la frontera Ucrania/Rusia // BBC updates


Un misil de ucranianos pro-rusos habría derribado avión de Malaysia Airlines con 295 pasajeros


malaysian_plane missile_460_312


151172 600 Wheres Putin cartoons




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July 21, 2014







Australia deroga impuesto por emisión de Carbon






  1. Aljazeera.com ‎- hace 4 días
    Abbott plans to replace the measure with a taxpayer-financed $2.4bn ... out at Abbott after the vote, dubbing him an "environmental vandal".


Environmental Vandalism

There are two kinds of environmental vandalism: type 1 and type 2. Type 1 vandalism are actions that deliberately and needlessly damage the environment.


Galilee Basin




Australia: Primer Ministro es «vándalo medioambiental» por revertir medida contra cambio climático


World Environment Day 2014: Abbott's Attacks on the Environment

In its first nine months,the Abbott government has launched an all out attack on Australia's unique and priceless environment from the Great Barrier Reef to the World Heritage forests of Tasmania. Mr Abbott's first budget continues this radical agenda with cuts to environment programs and protections across the board. Our precious natural heritage is under threat like never before.


Download the report


World Environment Day is a chance for Australians to celebrate our unique and priceless natural environment: from the Great Barrier Reef to the Kimberley, to Lake Eyre and the life-giving Murray Darling Basin, to Tasmania’s ancient forests and our vast array of plants and animals that call Australia home.

The natural world that we enjoy every day hangs in a delicate balance. Extinction of species, pollution of our air and water, the decline of reefs and climate change are all occurring at unprecedented rates.

We need national leadership to stop the biodiversity crisis, save our threatened species, and protect our precious places. We must protect what we love about Australia, now and into the future.

The Abbott government is allowing big business and mining interests to trash the nature that we hold dear. The Greens are the only political party that will stand up for the environment, every time.

We know the environment isn't safe under the Abbott Government. Here are some of the worst attacks we've seen so far:





World Environment Day Report







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  • Biólogo desde hace más de treinta años, desde la época en que aún los biólogos no eran empleados de los abogados ambientalistas. Actualmente preocupado …alarmado en realidad, por el LESIVO TRATADO DE(DES)INTEGRACIÓN ENERGÉTICA CON BRASIL